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June 9 - July 21, 2019

The Black Sox

A Century Later

OPENING RECEPTION (with Thom Ross) June 9th 2-4pm
VIP RECEPTION June 13th 2-4pm

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Thom’s interests as an artist are firmly based in historical people and events which ultimately transcend their own reality to take on mythic qualities and interpretations. In his new series  -  The Black Sox - A Century Later -  8 players for the Chicago White Sox accepted bribes to throw the 1919 World Series. With 67 watercolors on paper and acrylics on canvas, the series gives a visual overview of the many different people involved -- from the ball players, to the gamblers, to the owners and the sports writers.

It is the pivotal moment in baseball history and, to a great extent, coming as it did at the end of World War I — it was a true "loss of innocence" for a war-weary America.