The Black Sox-A Century Later

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Black Sox Front.jpg

The Black Sox-A Century Later


2019 marks one hundred years since the Black Sox scandal broke and changed the face of baseball forever. In honor of this anniversary, artist, historian and writer, Thom Ross, is presenting his interpretation of “The Fix” based on years of research that has influenced his art.

The Black Sox - A Century Later visually depicts the story of the 8 Chicago White Sox players who accepted bribes to throw the 1919 World Series. It gives a visual overview of its many colors, aspects and people involved -- from ball players to gamblers, from owners to sports writers. It is a pivotal moment in baseball history and, to a great extent coming as it did at the end of World War I, a true "loss of innocence" for a war-weary America.

Thom captures this unique and relevant moment in baseball history through his 71 paintings in this historical, artistic interpretation of “The Fix” which is currently on exhibit June - July 2019 at The Beverly Arts Center in Chicago. 16 images in the book are captured on RealityX2 - a mobile App that runs on your smartphone or tablet and enables a virtual video view of Thom Ross explaining the meaning behind the painting. Just download the app, point your phone at the page and experience the artist behind the paintings!

Thom’s interests as an artist are firmly based in historical people and events which ultimately transcend their own reality to take on mythic qualities and interpretations.

11.5” x 9”
128 Pages
71 Paintings & Narratives
16 Paintings accessible through RealityX2
ISBN 978-0-9887791-9-8

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